12 Person Class Size

All of our classes have a 12 person class size! You'll be able to ask questions of your instructor during class and get personal help throughout the course. You'll get to know your instructor personally, and your instructor will be able to help you master the concepts on the exam.

Free Extra-help Included with Classes

For students enrolled in one of our courses, we offer free extra-help every Friday evening from 6:30-10:00pm. This will allow you to get help with tricky concepts from class, ask homework questions, and get personal help on the concepts you need. We also have quiet study rooms available if you just need a quiet spot to do homework.

Unique Curriculum

Our unique, in-house curriculum is designed to help you master the concepts that underly the exam. We'll teach you the underlying concepts, the advanced application of the underlying concepts, and how those concepts are tested on the exam. You'll also learn how to spot certain commonly tested items and how to quickly answer those items in order to maximize your speed on the exam.

Expert Instruction

All of our instructors are required to demonstrate mastery by scoring in the 99th percentile on the exam they teach. They know how to attain a top score on the exam, and they know how to impart that knowledge to you in a fun and entertaining way.